Warren Selected for Summer Learning Opportunities

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Kentucky Author Reads to Frankfort Christian Academy Students

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Frankfort, KY  March 29, 2018

A Kentucky author stopped by The Frankfort Christian Academy on Thursday to read one of his books to the students.

Cliff Shumate, of Paris, read “Raisin’s Odyssey” to students in the school’s library. Librarian Penny Woods has been teaching the children about authors for the past month. The students had been focusing on Mo Willems, a children’s book author, and studying other authors.

“They looked at things like what are similarities from books to books, what are they seeing that is alike in the text, what are they seeing that is alike in the illustrations. They looked for easter egg characters–characters that appear in a second book that maybe isn’t about them,” Woods said.

The students ended their author study Thursday by listening to Shumate read and asking him questions. Many students were eager to hear how he became an author.

Shumate, who became an author in retirement, spent most of his life writing for businesses. One day, he decided to write the story “Gram’s Journey” about a dog that his family rescued. He decided to make his first book a story about where the dog could have come from. Shumate said he never thought about publishing it, until he shared the book with a few people, and they suggested it.

Since then, Shumate has published a second book, and he’s working on a third.

Shumate said he never imagined he would be reading a book that he wrote to a classroom full of students.

“It really has just come as a blessing and a surprise that we are able to meet children. We actually have older children who bought the book, read the book and are now sharing it with their younger siblings,” Shumate said.

Woods found Shumate two years ago at Mayfest Art Fair in Lexington, where he had a booth. Woods stopped by and read through his book. She reviews books for Kentucky Living magazine and wanted to do a review of “Gram’s Journey.”

Later, Woods told Shumate that she was a librarian and asked him to come read to the kids.


“They’ve been really excited to get to meet an author and hear him read his own work,” Woods said.

She told students a few days earlier that the author would be visiting. Some students came in earlier Thursday morning asking if he had arrived yet.

While the author was there, students had an opportunity to purchase and have Shumate sign one of his books.


'The Jungle Book' Opening at The Frankfort Christian Academy

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Frankfort KY, March 22, 2018

The Frankfort Christian Academy is presenting the “Jungle Book” this weekend.

From Thursday through Saturday, students will be performing the musical in the TFCA multipurpose room. Fifty-three students between third grade and high school will perform.  On Thursday and Friday, the play will begin at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, it will begin at 1 p.m. Doors will open 30 minutes before showtime, and the ticket booth will open an hour before.

 The performance is based on a novel by Rudyard Kipling and the Disney film “The Jungle Book.”

Key actors in the musical include Choen Crutchfield as Mogley, Madie Osborne as Bagheera, Ford Cull as Baloo, Hunter McQueary as Shere Khan and Addi Hendrix as Shanti, the main soloist. The cast also consists of wolves, monkeys, vultures, Kaa the snake, bumblebees and an elephant army.

Abbey Caudell, a first-year teacher at TFCA, is in charge of music and choreography.

The play will be put on with help from Claire Brooks, stage manager, and Emma Carroll, assistant choreographer.

Karen Bourne, director of the musical, approached Caudell in September with the idea for the musical. Students began their involvement a few months later.

“We had auditions for this in December and then we jumped right into it the first week back, in January,” Caudell said.

Since January, students have practiced several times a week. The entire cast practiced on Fridays. Throughout the rest of the week, practices were broken into groups based on scenes.

On Tuesday, the cast and crew had their second dress rehearsal. Parents, teachers and crew members were on hand to help the cast with their makeup and costumes.


Tickets went on sale on Monday and are available in TFCA’s front office. They are $7 for adults and $3 for students. Families can purchase a family pass, which allows entry for two adults and two kids. The family pass is $15. A pass, for $20, can also be bought for two adults and three to four kids.



Frankfort Christian Academy Royals Fielding Varsity Team This Year

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Frankfort, KY  March 16, 2018

Last year was Gabe Uebel’s first as the middle school baseball coach at the Frankfort Christian Academy.

This year Uebel will lead a TFCA varsity team that will be competing against KHSAA opponents.

The Royals play their season opener Monday against Frankfort at Charlie Figg Field in Capitol View Park.

“Last year we finished the middle school season with 11 players,” Uebel said. “This year we’re returning eight of those 11 and we have a total of 20 players out.

“The quality of play has gotten better, and they’ve dramatically improved their will to win.”

TFCA will field a young team with no seniors and just one junior. The 20 players out for this year’s team include high school and middle school players, and all but the team’s sixth-graders will dress for varsity games.

“Last year in the inaugural middle school season we played Second Street, Bondurant, Elkhorn, Anderson County,” Uebel said. “We went right at them, and we beat most of them last year.”

Uebel’s assistant coaches this year are Troy Robinson and Charlie Foster.

The Royals’ home games will be at Capitol View Park.

The Frankfort Christian Academy is in the second year of its probation period with the KHSAA and won’t be eligible for postseason play until next season.


Frankfort Christian Academy to join KHSAA

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Frankfort, KY February 1, 2018

The KHSAA redistricting looked set.

With the 2019 opening of Great Crossing High School in Georgetown, Great Crossing and Scott County would be joining the 41st District, part of the 11th Region, and Woodford County would be moving to the 30th District in the Eighth Region.

Then along came the Frankfort Christian Academy.

TFCA will be a full member of the KHSAA by the 2019-20 school year and have a varsity boys basketball team that will be in the 41st District with Frankfort, Franklin County, Western Hills and Great Crossing. Scott County will remain in the 42nd District, and Woodford will move to the 30th District.

It’s all part of the plan for growing the athletics program at the Frankfort Christian Academy.

“We applied (for KHSAA membership) last year and were accepted last spring,” said Robert Meacham, TFCA’s athletic director.

The school is currently serving a two-year probationary period with KHSAA. A member of a Christian school athletic organization, TFCA’s varsity boys basketball team has played a limited KHSAA schedule this season.

“They’ve loved the challenge,” TFCA coach Tim Marcum said about his team’s reaction to playing KHSAA opponents. “It’s a lot different. When we play in the Christian league we may play in a church fellowship hall or a church gym.

“In the KHSAA games we play in a high school gym, and there’s a home crowd. They’re enjoying that.”

While the boys basketball program is slated to have a varsity team when the redistricting takes place in 2019-20, TFCA may have other teams ready to go.

“If we have the sport then we’ll compete in the KHSAA,” Meacham said.

Girls basketball fields a middle school team this year, and that could change depending on how many students stay at TFCA for high school.

“We lose a lot of students in the transition from eighth grade to ninth grade,” Meacham said, “and what we’ve found is it’s usually because of extracurricular activities and other types of programs.”

“That’s one reason given, that they want to be able to play a tougher level of competition,” Marcum said. “This will take away that reason.”

In their games against KHSAA opponents this season, the Royals have defeated Walden, Eminence and Kentucky School for the Deaf. They lost by one point to Burgin and 10 points to Owen County, but they were within two points of the Rebels.

“They were all good games,” Marcum said, “but we’ve been selective. We know we’ll always be the small guy in that district. The Class A is our hope and dream, realistically.”

Marcum spent 27 years in the Owen County school system coaching a variety of sports. He’s now a middle school science teacher at TFCA.

Meacham, a Department of Education employee who works part-time as the Royals’ athletics director, also has a sports background.

Now in his second year at TFCA, Meacham spent the previous two years as the defensive coordinator at Adair County High School. Before that he served as an assistant football coach and head track coach at Anderson County.

Meacham and his family live in Lawrenceburg, and his two sons, Austin and Tyler, are in middle school at TFCA.

“Our parents have been very supportive,” he said about the move to the KHSAA. “They want their kids to have that high school experience, to go to rivalry games.”

Playing a KHSAA schedule should make that easier.

“With the Christian athletic association, schools are pretty spread out,” Meacham said. “Traveling to some of the schools, we were driving all over the place, and traveling became an issue.

“In the interest of growing and providing things students can get in public schools, this was the right move for us.”


EDUCATION SPOTLIGHT: Curiosity drives Frankfort Christian Academy student Natalie Warren

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Frankfort, KY April 2017

Natalie Warren asks a lot of questions — even when she’s the one being interviewed.

“I don’t like it if I don’t know something,” said The Frankfort Christian Academy (TFCA) sophomore, who uses her many questions to learn.

Warren especially likes learning about “how people work,” by which she means both what drives an individual and society at large.

TFCA Principal Carrie Beth Tigges still remembers meeting Warren’s inquisitive shock of red hair and tortoise shell glasses at a regional science fair that she was judging four years ago. While the projects of most fifth- and sixth-graders involved a form of pyrotechnics, Warren’s was rooted in      psychology. Warren had designed an experiment to see how people respond to clothing of different colors.

“She doesn’t take things at face value,” said Tigges, who is impressed with Warren’s ability to push boundaries and grapple with concepts in her own mind.

Warren’s curiosity about people has served her especially well in the history classroom. Last month, Warren placed second at the 42nd annual statewide History Contest for high school and junior high students hosted by the History Department of Western Kentucky University.

For Warren, history has always been a frequent topic of conversation at home.

“I grew up on the History Channel — seriously,” said Warren, whose father, David Warren, is a history buff and whose grandfather Alan Warren frequently plays a Confederate soldier in Civil War re-enactments.

“He’s that Papaw,” said Warren, referring to her grandfather with a smile.

As a child, Warren was obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder, the American pioneer and author of the Little House on the Prairie series. (Warren’s mother, Laura, is an agronomist who used to work with farmers on issues of soil erosion.)

This summer, Warren will bring her questions on U.S. history to Ashbrook Academy’s “Telling America’s Story” weeklong summer course held at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. The course uses the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech to answer the question “What does it mean to be an American?”

“I’m so excited about meeting other people who are genuinely excited about history,” said Warren, whose AP World History class has five students. TFCA has 44 students in its entire high school and 14 sophomores.

While Warren enjoys history — especially ancient history at the moment — she sees a career in clinical psychology as perhaps the more practical way to satisfy her urge to know more about people. She hasn’t yet decided what she will study in college. 

“I had a night last week where I said, ‘Ok, you’re writing a pros and cons list for each degree at the schools you want to go to,’” said Warren. “I have so many fields I want to go into.”


TFCA Senior Named Coca-Cola Scholar!

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Nation’s Most Prestigious Scholarship Program Awards Frankfort (TFCA) Student $20,000 for College

ATLANTA, February 29, 2016 – Kendall Yount, an exceptional senior at The Frankfort Christian Academy in Frankfort, has been recognized as one of the country’s most outstanding high school leaders by the Coca‑Cola Scholars Foundation and has been awarded a $20,000 college scholarship. As a member of the 28th class of Coca‑Cola Scholars, Miss Yount has demonstrated superior leadership and dedication to her community and was selected from a pool of over 87,000 initial applicants.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, a joint effort of Coca-Cola Bottlers across America and The Coca-Cola Company, is one of the largest corporate-sponsored, achievement-based scholarship programs of its kind in the United States, and was created in 1986 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola. Including the 2016 class of Coca-Cola Scholars, the Foundation has awarded over 5,700 Coca‑Cola Scholars with a total of $59.4 million in scholarships. The Coca-Cola system believes that investing in students who are leaders, both academically and in service to others, will result in positive, lasting change and sustainable communities.

“Kendall Yount is part of a diverse group of extraordinary high school seniors that have shown a steadfast commitment to educational excellence, leadership and service to the school and community,” said Claude Nielsen, Chairman of the Board of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and President and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Bottling Company United in Birmingham, AL. “The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is proud to name Miss Yount as a 2016 Coca-Cola Scholar.”

On March 31, Yount will join other Coca-Cola Scholars as they travel to Atlanta, the international headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, for Scholars Weekend. During this four-day weekend, the Scholars will participate in a Leadership Development Institute to further develop their leadership skills, tour local landmarks, engage with former Coca-Cola Scholars, and participate in a group community service project. The 2016 Class of Coca-Cola Scholars will also be the guests of honor at the 28th annual Scholars Banquet, where they will be celebrated by representatives from the Coca-Cola system, educators, local dignitaries and friends of the Scholars Foundation. David Rubenstein, American financier and philanthropist best known as co-founder and co-chief executive officer of The Carlyle Group, will serve as the keynote speaker.  

In addition to receiving a $20,000 college scholarship, Yount will be welcomed into a vibrant and growing family of alumni that fosters lasting connections with each other and the Foundation. No other scholarship program maintains such lifetime connections or nurtures such a unique culture. In 2006, a Coca-Cola Scholar Alumni Advisory Board was created so that alumni could make an even greater positive impact together.

For a full list of 2016 Coca-Cola Scholars and their high schools, please visit:


TFCA Student Named Coca-Cola Scholar Regional Finalist

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Kendall Yount, a senior at The Frankfort Christian Academy, has been named a Regional Finalist for the 2016 class of the Coca Cola Scholars Program. As one of 250 high school seniors selected nationwide as Regional Finalists, Yount will receive at minimum a $1,000 educational stipend from the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation to use at the college of her choice next fall thanks to the generous support of The Coca Cola Company and Coca-Cola bottlers throughout the country. Students are selected as Regional Finalists based on academic excellence, leadership, and achievement demonstrated in school and community activities.

Yount was among over 2,100 Semifinalists who were selected from more than 87,000 initial applicants and is now one of just 250 students who will move on to the final selection phase, regional interviews. After these interviews are conducted in early February, 150 of the Regional Finalists will be designated as Coca-Cola Scholars and each will receive a $20,000 scholarship to be used at the student’s college of choice. Collectively, the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation will award $3.1 million in college scholarships to these outstanding young leaders.

“As a premier scholarship provider, we recognize our role in helping young people achieve their college goals,” said Mark Davis, President of the Foundation. “The economy continues to affect many students’ ability to attend the college of their choice, so it is critical we continue to stay the course. The Coca Cola Scholars Foundation received over 87,000 applications this year, and the Regional Finalists are truly some of the most accomplished students in the country.”

In addition to receiving college scholarships, those selected as Coca-Cola Scholars will be welcomed into a vibrant and growing family of over 5,550 alumni that foster lasting connections with each other and the Foundation. No other scholarship program maintains such lifetime connections or nurtures such a unique culture. Coca-Cola Scholar alumni stay in touch through regional councils, special events, and their local Coca Cola bottling facilities. In 2006, a Coca-Cola Scholar Alumni Advisory Board was created so that alumni could make an even greater positive impact together.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, a joint effort of Coca-Cola Bottlers across America and The Coca Cola Company, is one of the largest corporate-sponsored, achievement-based scholarship programs of its kind in the United States. The program recognizes a diverse group of extraordinary high school seniors who are socially-conscious, service-minded leaders with a passion to make our world a better place. The Coca-Cola system believes that investing in students who are leaders, both academically and in service to others, will result in positive, lasting change and sustainable communities. Since inception, the Foundation has awarded over $63 million in scholarships, enabling a brighter future for each awardee.

Learn more about this $20,000 college scholarship and see a full list of Regional Finalists on their website, www.coca-colascholars.org.

2nd Grade Students Predict the Weather

Posted by Krista Dulaney on OA11er @ 11:13 AM

Several of TFCA's second graders made it into the Frankfort State Journal for their weather predictions! See the story here:  http://www.state-journal.com/local%20news/2015/11/10/students-predicting-cold-winter

High School Student Joins Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Teen Council

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Myriah with Mrs. Heather French Henry

TFCA 10th Grader Myriah Robinson was asked to be on a committee with five other young ladies for the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs' Teen Council headed up by Mrs. Heather French Henry, former Miss America and the newly-appointed Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. Her first event was on July 10, 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park, where they greeted Governor Beshear before the opening ceremony of the Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall and then greeted and passed out programs to visitors. Congratulations Myriah!

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