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High School Graduation Requirements:

4 English            3 Science

4 Math                3 History

4 Bible                1 PE (.5 credit)

1 Computer        1 Health (.5 credit)

1 Fine Arts (Art, Chorus, Drama) (.5 credit)

College and Career Prep (.5 credit)

**2 years of Foreign Language are required for Pre-College diploma


High School Course Offerings:

English I, II, III, IV; (Honors available at all levels)

Bible I, II, III, IV

Introduction to Chemistry/Physics (Honors available)

Biology (Honors available)

Chemistry (Honors available)

Physics (offered on rotation)

Anatomy and Physiology (offered on rotation)

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Personal Finance

Spanish I, II, III, IV, V

Economics, Government, World History, US History, European History (all offer Honors; AP offered in Government, World and US)

Drama, Chorus, Health, PE, Art I, Art II, Creative Writing, Public Speaking

College and Career Prep class

Computer I

AP Computer Science

Psychology and Sociology

College courses offered AT TFCA:

English 101 and 102

College Algebra

Elementary Probability and Statistics


Aide positions

Online course offerings 


TFCA has an agreement with BCTC and Kentucky State University for dual credit courses.  Students may take courses online, on campus or a hybrid class.  Students may take 2 courses per semester as Juniors and Seniors.

TFCA covers the cost of college tuition for dual credit courses as part of student tuition.  

Students must meet minimum GPA, behavior and testing requirements for eligibility.

 (Students enjoying lunch during Fellowship of Christian Athletes club meeting)

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Youth Sustainability Council

Posted by Krista Dulaney on OA10er @ 10:54 AM

High school students have an opportunity to serve on a Sustainability Council for Franklin County. They are asking for students in all the local high schools to apply for this opportunity. Students would be selected by a committee comprised of all the local high school principals or their designee. They would have an orientation this May and then be on the council for the 2015-16 school year.

Students would meet monthly. They would be asked to look for ways to help reduce waste in our community.  They would also look for ways to evaluate waste and recycling efforts in our school, look at energy usage and more.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain leadership experience (looks great on college applications!), represent our school in our community and serve our community!

Applications are due back to Mrs. Tigges before April 3. Please note students need a letter of reference from a teacher or school staff member. 


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