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tfca stories


God is using TFCA in the lives of our students, teachers, parents, and staff! Click a story from the left-hand menu to read more!



"Our family came to TFCA after being dissatisfied with the education our daughter wasDeana's Family receiving to prepare her for Kindergarten at another facility. We literally checked out every option that Franklin County had in regards to preschool. We attended the Open House at TFCA and were very satisfied with what we saw and heard. Before making a decision, we wanted to see the interaction between teacher and students. We went back to TFCA during school hours a few weeks later and were welcomed into each classroom and told that we could stay as long as we pleased. From our observation, we could see that students were engaged in learning and the love that the teachers shared for the students"

What do you love about TFCA?

"There is so much to love at TFCA! We love that the Christian values we are trying to instill in our daughter are being reinforced at school. We love that our daughter is treated with love and respect from everyone in the school. Each morning she stops at Mrs. Sims office to get a hug and greeting before she begins her day. She is then greeted with a hug by her teacher. We love that her teacher sends e-mails and pictures of activities that are going on in the classroom. Most of all, we love that our daughter loves TFCA. On more than one occasion, she has stated, “My school is the best. We do so much fun stuff.” Our daughter is receiving a quality education that she will carry with her into the future and in the process of doing so; she is engaged and eager to learn."

How is TFCA different from other school options in our area?

"Teachers are among the most influential role models in students' lives. And while you can certainly find Christian educators at a public school, the best of all academic worlds exists when everyone - the principal, the teachers and the parents - is operating under the same educational paradigm."

Why do you think people should consider TFCA for their children's education?

"From kindergarten through twelfth grade, your child will spend about 16,000 hours in the classroom. Where do you want your child to spend that time? Do you want all of your child’s teachers to have the same values and belief system that you do? Do you want biblical principles to be incorporated into your child’s curriculum? Do you want your child to pray and be led in prayer? Do you wish for a small class size that will allow for one on one instruction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider sending your child to The Frankfort Christian Academy."

What is something that you don't think people know about our school?

"People may have the perception that because TFCA is not a public school, and is technically a “private” school, that it is exclusive instead of inclusive. That cannot be further from the truth. Our family, and specifically our daughter, has been treated with nothing but love and compassion since we first joined the TFCA family. From afar, other families seem to receive the same treatment, and that is a testament to the school practicing what they preach, “Our purpose is to educate and equip students to discover and develop to their full potential in Christ. (Psalm 139:1-4)”, which applies to every child, not just some or most."